Company Profile

ADLY MOTO is the brand name of Her Chee Industrial, a Taiwanese OEM with 30 years experience manufacturing quality motorcycles, gas and electric scooters, ATV's, parts and accessories.

Her Chee Industrial is internationally known as a legendary Taiwanese company that has been an OEM supplier for many companies such as Artic Cat, Bombardier and Lambretta.

Each ADLY product is designed and manufactured using state-of-art CNC machining, single line engine production and multiple axle drilling techniques which have made their products famous world wide.

Innovative designs and meticulous construction standards have resulted in uniquely styled products that are user friendly, reliable and technologically advanced. Their designers and engineers are focused on meeting the ever changing market needs of the Powersports industry.

All ADLY products are fully tested utilizing real road conditions as well as multi-functional roller test benches to ensure established levels of power, torque, speed, acceleration and braking. Quality Control results in Quality Assurance. All ADLY scooters enjoy a 2 year warranty.

The true test of any company is the product and the people. ADLY is a company offering exciting products driven by a brand that has proven quality, reliability and potential like no other.

Serious manufacturing. Serious quality. Serious fun.

That's Adly Moto!

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